Full name

Jake Ward


Graphic Artist


Guelph, Canada


I offer full Graphic Design solutions… from concept to output. I’ve done layout and design for nearly everything from logos and business cards, to books, to large signs. I’ve done work for single person small business owners, to large corporate/government/educational institutions – all while maintaining brand appeal and pushing recognition. I have also added website design skills, and can build a custom site from the ground up.

I grew up in the small town of Aylmer, Ontario. I was lucky enough when I was young to be introduced to a wide range of activities that I still enjoy today such as biking, camping, fishing and hiking as well as playing both Hockey and Baseball. Being in a small town, I found work wherever I could, having a different job each summer and aquiring a range of experience and skill. My first job was to package magazines for the local newspaper/commercial printer The Aylmer Express. Other summer jobs from high school through University include working for the Aylmer Fair, the cemetery, and the parks department, as well as being an Ontario Ranger for one summer, and a short order cook for another.

At the University of Windsor is where I would finally find my true calling, though it was not in History or English as was my double major when I first got there. The Visual Arts program is what truly intrigued me and allowed my creative and adventerous personality to be directed towards art production. Drawing and photography were of particular interest, and I excelled in those mediums. My degree in Visual Arts has given me a solid understanding of the conceptual and theoretical aspects of visual communication.

After University, I moved to the city of Toronto with my girlfriend and cat, and easily found temporary employment in the private landscaping business. By doing so, I was able to begin attending George Brown College to receive training as a Graphic Designer through their Digital Publishing program. I currently work for Innovative Design & Print in Millbank, Ontario.


B.A. in Visual Arts, with a minor in History

University of Windsor

Windsor, Canada ·

Certificate of Digitial Publishing Design

George Brown College

Toronto, Canada ·

Certificate in Digital Media Skills

Ontario College of Art and Design

Toronto, Canada · – Present


Graphic Design, Prepress, Colour Correction, Photo Manipulation, Layout, Branding, Preflight, Impositions